Membership Circles

    Innovation Leadership Circle

    WHO: C-Level executives, Board Members, Institutional Investors
    WHAT: Purpose of innovation, typical timelines, investments, organisation structure, innovation strategies…

      Innovation Development

      WHO: Innovation Teams
      WHAT: Innovation methods, tools, technology, innovation strategy, innovation mandate, team requirements…

        Innovation Financing

        WHO: CFO, Corp. Controller, Innovation Budget Managers
        WHAT: Innovation financing techniques, innovation objectives, risk analysis, success predictability, KPI framework…

          Innovation Talent Development

          WHO: Hiring Managers, HT/HR Department, Team Managers, Trainers
          WHAT: Team Qualification, team recruiting / sourcing, team selection, team composition, compensation, onboarding, team objectives…

            Innovation Legal Aspects

            WHO: Legal department, lawyers
            WHAT: IP considerations, patentability, timelines, open innovation rules…

              Innovation Services

              WHO: Consultants, Service Providers, Technology Provider
              WHAT: Consulting services needs, provider needs, qualifications…

                Innovation Media & Markets

                WHO: Innovation Team, Media representatives, Market researcher…
                WHAT: Innovation to Market communication, innovation market dynamics, innovation promotion, innovation target audience

                  Innovation Education

                  WHO: Trainers, Training Institutes, Business Schools, Universities
                  WHAT: Training needs, Training content, Educational Depth, Training Programs…

                    Innovation Policies

                    WHO: Policy Makers, Consultants, Executives
                    WHAT: Innovation related risk exploration i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Pharma, Neuroscience, Genetic Computing, Bio Hazards, Environmental aspects,

                    Circle Overview

                    Core Services

                    • Circle Specific Events

                      Circle Specific Round Table Events (two to four online events per year)

                    • Local Events

                      Member-driven local events or local chapter events

                    • Global Annual Event

                      Once a year we will conduct a member event where all members can meet each other in person.

                    • Chapter Structure

                      Members are free to create local chapters once they have more than 25 Corporate members and comply with the structure requirements.

                    What people who have worked with us have to say

                    Ich finde es unendlich wichtig einen Austauch über industriezweige hinweg zu bekommen.

                    I already participated in the very first events and it is eye-opening to understand where everybody is in their innovation development cycle.

                    I found it very helpful to have that massive experience from the WIForum founders part of thise organization.

                    Thank you WIForum great start