World Innovations Forum Introductory Meeting

By Invitation Only – Nov.18 in Phnom Penh


Visit Purpose
In 2020 we want to enhance our support range in South East Asia. As a first step, we would like to meet innovative minds and entrepreneurs supporter we can collaborate with. What we are trying to do is defined in our Vision and our Approach – yet we do this exclusively in concert with the local ecosystem. Therefor we are interested in meeting with you.

We envision a world, where prosperity is possible for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Unlike conventional practice, we do not bring technology and experts into a country. Instead we look for talented entrepreneurs and help them build their own economy – very much like the fathers of our developed world built the foundation of their economy.

We believe
* There has been enough suggestions from the developed world what entrepreneurs should do.
* We can’t help everybody – but we can help  a small number of people who can help their own country.
* We helped hundreds of Silicon Valley ‘kids’ to thrive – we should help those who need even more support.
* All developed nations were build on foreign direct investment – and still today. We need to embrace that concept globally.

Economic Development Aid 4.0
We are data driven, using latest understanding of Innovative Thinking and digital media to rapidly help building businesses in the developing world, like we have been helped build our businesses in Silicon Valley. With a 5x Impact Effectiveness we can help bring a nation in 18 years to prosperity – not 90 years.

Our own experience
We started in Feb 2019 and had great initial successes in Nepal and Vietnam. Now we want to expand. We are self funded and independent of any outside interests.

“Instead of asking the question, how we, the developed nations, can help to get 3 billion people out of poverty, we decided to focus on supporting local innovative minds, in building their own economy from inside of any given country”
– Axel Schultze, Chairman of World Innovations Forum Foundation

Meeting Agenda

09.15 – 09:45 Introducing the World Innovations Forum
Vision, approach and why we are different
Why we do what we do and our purpose
09:45 – 10.00 Q+A regarding the organization
10:00 – 11.00 Discussion
How could be be most helpful in Cambodia?
What would that mean in the immediate future – year 2020
How could you help us help you, i.e. contact, introductions….
11.00 – 11:30 Action plan going forward

Tentative Program

Nov 18
Entrepreneurs Event
Introducing the San Francisco Accelerator program, the going global program, Innovations Paradigm & Innovative Thinking workshop
Attending Company introduction – 90 sec elevator pitch
Nov 19
Investors Meeting
Introducing the global investor network, sharing investment best practices from around the world. How we could join forces to better help innovative companies grow.
Nov 19 Lunch Media Lunch
Nov 19
Innovation Paradigm & Innovative thinking
Becoming extreme innovative
From innovative to disruptive
Methodical ways to turn dreams into reality, no matter how crazy they are.


Personal Invitation

With multiple names, you may write your main first name in capital letters.
Your last name
We will not send you any other news or info.
If you are not belonging to any company feel free to share your current focus activity
If you have a position in a company
Support how you could help us help entrepreneurs to thrive.
How we could help you and your organization
Please share any thoughts here and we will get back to you asap.