The Initiative


1) Every developed nation built their extraordinary long term wealth through innovation and entrepreneurship, not based on their natural resources. Entrepreneurs are key in sustaining economic development and prosperity.

2) All developed nations had two significant policies, Foreign Direct Investment policies and Open Immigation policies, that assisted in growing their economies. Providing the necessary policies and trusted mechanisms for FDI as well as attracting foreign top talents became undoubtedly prerequisites for developing nations to thrive.

3) Well run businesses, embedded in future oriented ecosystems, can grow from zero to a global enterprise within 7 years. In other words, startups, founded in 2020, can already contribute to the economy by 2027. Extraordinary talents that can build such companies are present in all developing or emerging nations around the world.


Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs from developing and emerging countries who have the drive to build innovative enterprises, create lots of jobs and contribute to a self propelled economy.

  • We search for entrepreneurs with crazy ideas that will change the world and give them the same treatment that entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley enjoy.
  • We work with global investor networks to ensure funding and resources that is needed to build an amazing enterprise. However, we do not encourage building mammoth organizations with 50,000+ employees but rather build industrial networks of extremely specialized partners to achieve a higher degree of innovation, a higher degree of flexibility and a stronger competitive advantage.

The Tour


Our team is working with entrepreneurs, investors, innovation enablers, universities and governments on the ground in the respective countries to get things done.

In every country we start with a week full of activities including a major kickoff event, workshops, accelerator programs and one-to-one meetings.

Weekly Tour Agenda (One in each country)

  • Seeding Innovation 2020 - Kickoff event

    An inspiring and activating event to kickoff the country tour, especially for all the partners and supporters who help the nation thrive.

  • “Entrepreneurs Night”

    The WIForum team shares experiences from innovation spaces around the world and how innovative thinking leads to extreme successes. Usually attracting 100 – 200 people and engaging the audience in real discussions. Includes a series of pitches from entrepreneurs who want to bring their country to the next level.

    “Entrepreneurs Night”

  • “Innovations Development” Workshop

    An open event for entrepreneurs from SMEs, startups and corporations to get a detailed insight into how Silicon Valley leaders think about innovation, how those bold crazy ideas come into existence and how they often succeeded without funding.

  • She Innovates - Round Table

    An opportunity to share a global perspective on female entrepreneurship and motivate attendees to fulfill their dreams against all odds.

    She Innovates - Round Table

  • A session with university leaders to further sharpen their entrepreneurship education through methodical entrepreneurship education and innovative thinking classes.

  • Investors Meeting

    A meeting with Angel Investors and Angel Investor Groups to share success stories and best practices from angel investors around the world. We examine the requirements and create an energizing conversation about the value of investing in a local entrepreneurial economy.

    Investors Meeting

  • Innovators Dinner - Closing dinner party

    At the end of the stay, we invite supporters and key stakeholders in the local innovation space including leaders from universities, incubators, governments, investor groups and entrepreneurs’ associations.

  • Office Hours

    On the last day we hold office hours where people with innovative ideas can come and meet the WIForum team for a short meeting (10 minutes) to see how we can help to take their innovation to the next level.

    Office Hours

  • Summary Meeting with Organizers

    Wrapping up, making conclusions and agreements on next steps. Revisiting the plans that have been shared in advance.

  • Engagement Program

    Launch and invite participants to monthly conference calls, topic specific online workshops for the innovation stakeholders, mentorship and guidance. Ongoing collaboration between local and Swiss WIForum teams, ambassadors, volunteers and innovation stakeholders.

    Engagement Program