Innovation for Prosperity (I4P)

Helping innovative entrepreneurs to fulfill their entrepreneurial dream, create jobs, conquer global markets and create prosperity for their country.

Project Summary

Helping entrepreneurs in developing or emerging countries to grow, create jobs and go global. As a result, contributing to the economic growth and prosperity of their country.

and ones that want to become one. We focus on entrepreneurs with amazing ideas, solving big problems and being competitive enough to conquer world markets.  

Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
Eastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia
Lat. America: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Peru

Tech Industry
Tech enabled agriculture
Distribution & Trade

Expected Results

Project Duration: 10 years

Project timeframe:  Feb 2020 until 2030

Geographic Engagement: 25 countries

Educated businesses: 25,000

Fast growing businesses: 7,500+

Brain drain reduction: 85%

Jobs created: 25 Million*

Revenue generated: $ 500 Billion

Population participating in equity: 50 Million

* including employees at business partners, retailers, dealers, consultants and others.

Only 50 successful startups can create prosperity for a whole nation


Germany 1800’s
A small number of entrepreneurs like Carl Benz, Robert Bosch, Max Plank und one or two handful of others created startups that should turn the nation in a few decades to one of the most prosperous in the world. 150 years later, the 85 Million population nation still lives off of the innovation from back then.

California 1950’s
A small number of startups including Fairchild,  Intel, Hewlett Packard, Apple and later on many others created products, that in just two or three decades revolutionized the world’s way to work with information. Silicon Valley became the epicenter of IT innovation.

South Korea 2000’s 
Only three startups: Samsung, LG and Hyundai were necessary to turn one of the poorest countries on earth into one of the most developed nations just 2 decades later.


Prosperity for all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this “Innovation For Prosperity project, entrepreneurs from the 19 countries, can join the needs depending multi-layer education and training program. The programs consist of the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp program for starters, a growth stage accelerator program for more advanced teams, a Social Media Academy program to learn best practices in social media marketing and an entrepreneurs exchange program to discover the world and other countries to expand their business. All programs are conducted as “Train the trainer” programs, so that local trainer, mentors and advisors can take over the program over time.

The programs contain individual modules and methods such as “Innovative Thinking”, “business plan development”, “vision development”, “go-to-market strategies”, “traction and growth development”, “fundraising” and much more. Experienced instructors provide the training and a network of mentors support the teams on every step of their way.


  1. Entrepreneurs Bootcamp: 
    The program helps young entrepreneurs understand the concept of  business, entrepreneurial spirit, why time management is of essence, why successful entrepreneurs usually become very wealthy and what price they have to pay, the macroeconomic impact of a startup over the course of the first 10 years. An entrepreneurship test to identify the best entrepreneurs.
  2. Growth Accelerator
    The core education program is the accelerator program. The eight core methodologies include: Innovative Thinking, Vision Development Method, Methodical Disruptive Business Model development, Go-to-market strategy model, Growth and traction development methods, brand strategy development and capitalization strategy and competing in global markets. A major part of the program is a rigorous time management helping the teams to develop a sense of urgency and global competitiveness.
  3. Social Media Academy Program
    Since young businesses are notoriously underfunded, the only way to create impact in their marketing effort is the perfect use of social media. Attendees learn about the NCP methorde (Networking – contributing – participating), Four Quadrant Market Assessment, Social Media Strategy Hexagon, Advocacy Methodology. Companies learn to gain global reach up to 100 Million people over time.
  4. Entrepreneurs Explorer Program
    This program enables entrepreneurs to very easily and cost efficiently visit any of the countries, the World Innovations Forum is present. That way an entrepreneur can see within only one week, what the country is like, what connections can help to grow business and what the market is like in general.
  5. Going Global Program
    Helping entrepreneurs understand that going global is not only making entrepreneurs very wealthy but through the export power, creating significant prosperity for their country. Export per capita  is the most important KPIs for prosperity development of any country.