WIForum Projects Overview

We have a high level of respect for our NGO peers – yet we decided, learning from the past is guiding us into a different direction.


After 70 years of development aid, a lot of money has been contributed ($4 Trillion), millions have been saved from starvation, hundreds of thousands have been educated, and countless other support activities – including creating a global awareness or all the other humans on earth.  Yet, one goal has not jet been achieved: Aid to actually help create self propelled economies.

The World Innovations forum has given it self a single task: Inspiring nations to create a self propelled economy that evolves to a fully developed nation from WITHIN the nation and not by bringing gear, people and weapons from the outside.

  1. We do not believe in direct donations. Instead we believe it takes individual engagement with the most promising minds in each nation to inspire an economy, very much like it happened in Europe, America or Asia already before.
  2. We do not believe in teaching any random person to build a well, a crane or a house. Instead we believe we will need to find those who have a passion and the intellectual capacity to build a well, a house or a crane. No different than in the rest of the world.
  3. We do not believe that we can run short span projects and help a whole society to pick up speed just because we spent some money. Instead we believe it takes long term, very well planned and well budgeted engagements to create a successful outcome.
  4. We do not feel it is wise to create university graduates in countries where academi has no job to offer afterwards – yet lots of base activities that are not trained in any university. Instead we believe in a education balance that is respecting the needs and the potential of a country.

Our engagement is considering these major understandings and is acting accordingly – and rather different than most development aid organizations today.

Data driven

The founding team of the World Innovations Forum come from an IT and data background. They also created multiple disruptive solution ignoring all rules and impossible situations. The only thing they trusted are data.

Today our 7.5 Billion strong species has approximately 500,000 successful entrepreneurs running businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit. Since most of them are created in the rather developed countries, approx 1 Billion strong, That means 0.05% of people are the actual economy driver, another 10% are the economy amplifier and the 90% are the consumer that create the self propelled economy.

If we are taking the Fortune 5,000 companies we are ending up with 0.0005% entrepreneurs to build the innovation or production power houses.

In a country like Nepal, 30 Million population, we need only 15,000 entrepreneurs for a fully developed economy. That is less than 20% of the annual graduates from Nepal’s Universities. And 150 (Hundred Fifty) top notch startups would be enough to build the innovation and production power houses for Nepal.

A large country like Nigeria and its 190 Million Population would need 1,000 top notch startups and roughly 100,000 businesses to take Nigeria to a fully developed nation.

We believe we do not need – moreover we should not want – to help 4.5 Billion people to get out of poverty. Instead we need to inspire 22,500 top notch startups or SMEs and 2.2 Million humans who may want to be an entrepreneur to start a business for prosperity.


We do not educate people in developing or emerging countries to do what worked for people in developed countries. Instead we inspire them to do just something. We transparently explain our observation that a country that received donations for 20 consecutive years became a country of dependent beggars who mainly learned to do what it takes to get donations – instead of doing what it takes to get off of donations.

We inspire people to start thinking innovative, very much like the fathers of the past economies such as Silicon Valley, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea and many others did – also starting from a point of poverty.

We inspire people to build things that seem to be impossible in their society and for their people. We inspire them to export whatever they have to other nations and share the correlation between export per capita and wealth.

We inspire people to collaborate, network and trust in their own ingenuity and creativity to do things that are most importantly of great help to their own nation and stay in their nation.