Growth Accelerator Program Application


You can select between different locations, no matter where you are located.

Please note: Due tue resource constraints, we are not able to ensure GDPR compliance. EU citizens/residence cannot apply here.

Program Details

See the full program here:

Application Process

1) Apply for the program
2) Our team will review and invite you to an interview
3) During the online interview, you will also have a chance to ask questions and make sure the program is what you are looking for
4) After you are enrolled, you will need to pay the program fee
5) You then join the respective program for one week in the designated location

Fees & Stipend

As a non profit organization we ask for a program fee to cover our cost. For teams from specific countries, we are able to provide stipends to further help attend.
$ 7,500 general fee
Up to 99% discount based on Headquarter location of your company

Fees with approved stipends:
$100, for teams with HQ in
Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, Columbia, Cuba, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, Thailand, Uganda, Vietnam.
$750, for teams with HQ in
For all other developing countries
$2,500, for teams with HQ in
Chile, China, India, Singapore, South Korea


Please do not make any payments prior to be accepted in the program.