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Entrepreneurs of a young tech company with ambition to very fast growth


This is NOT a school, you are NOT in a training. This program is a high speed, real time, total energy consuming experience with your real business and entire team. You experience
what “sense of urgency’ really means. You get from startup to scaleup, In twelve weeks. We bring you during the program into the market, grow your brand, attract top talents, top customers, and investors – in 12 weeks.

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The SF Accelerator is a World Innovations Forum organization.


* Why only a few get all the way to the top.
* Building a compelling vision, that attracts top talents, customers and investors.
* Inventing a disruptive business model that allows you to compete even with the largest competitors.
* Modelling your go-to-market strategy, using a zero-budget model and succeed in international markets.
* Creating massive traction, growth hacking to grow as fast as possible and allow nobody to enter or compete in your market.
* Getting all the funds you ever need by creating a compelling investment opportunity with well structured finance.
* Go international and win global markets

Program Details

1) Program locations
The accelerator program is available in three continents: San Francisco, CA for the Americas, Zürich, Switzerland for EMEA and Saigon, Vietnam for Asia. All programs are exclusively in English. The first week is a local bootcamp and the following weeks are performed locally at the companies location with weekly online sessions.

1a) Online Program
An all online version is available to allow virtually everybody to participate. Attendees need to have high-speed Internet access and a computer or tablet to participate.

2) English Language
The whole program is in English. Attendees will listen, having dialogs and present in English. We do not provide any local language versions as all attendees will need to communicate globally in English during the program.

3) Participation Mandatory
Participating in each online session and working on the project work between the sessions is mandatory to complete the program. Not participating in a session cause exclusion of the program.

4) Required Tools
For the project work, attendees need Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Project work may need to be presented. Other tools include LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter.

5) Instructors
Instructors are experienced entrepreneurs or authorized instructors trained by experienced entrepreneurs.

6) Certificates
At the end of the program is a test. Attendees who successfully completed the test will receive a certificate of participation.


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