Mentorship Workshop

The wizards that get their mentees to unexpected heights
Best mentors never give any advice


Startup Mentors


Startups looking for former entrepreneurs, people who made it. But many of the seniors don’t know how to help these young geniuses with their radical new ideas. Correct, definitely not by telling them what’s safe and what they should do. But there are things that hardly changes, yet have been developed only over a long life.

Next available program

The next program will be announced any time soon


Learn what the masters of masters do when they accompany their most gifted ones to all new and almost unthinkable heights.
* How can you mentor
* What experience level is needed
* What are today’s biggest challenges of young ambitious entrepreneurs
* What do you really need to know
* What agreements should you make
* What is the best possible success

Program Details

We are organizing several online workshops throughout the year in the eastern and western time zones. This makes it easy to participate from wherever you are.

we are also conducting local workshops in selected cities. Unfortunately, due to limited resources these workshops are not available in all countries.


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