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Good Investor Strategies
Professional evaluation and due diligence


Angel Investors


Many startups suffer from hobby investors with no objective of getting a return on investment. Startups on donations can’t win. At the same time many investors suffer from not being successful and stop investing. The
innovation ecosystem loses valuable capital resources. Little is known what it takes to bring young entrepreneurs to significant success.

Next Available Program

The next program will be announced any time soon


Successful investors share their experiences, helping others to be successful too.
* How to create a startup investment strategy
* How to get to the most potential winners
* How to evaluate and select investments
* How to find co-investors
* How to do the due diligence
* How to support the investees under way
* How many, how much, how long, how exit

Program Details

We are organizing several online workshops throughout the year in the eastern and western time zones. This makes it easy to participate from wherever you are. 

we are also conducting local workshops in selected cities. Unfortunately, due to limited resources these workshops are not available in all countries.


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