Innovations Paradigm Seminars

Innovation strategy, design and innovative thinking

Startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, innovative business models and innovative businesses.

The question remains: HOW DO YOU INNOVATE?

At first we still need to ask ourselves, what exactly is it what we want to achieve? Only than we can create a meaningful strategy to get there. And innovation is a perfect example for failing in this first step.  Furthermore, the seminar gives rare and stunning insights in the inner workings of our brain and how we can leverage the latest knowledge in neuroscience to manage creativity and innovative idea creation. You learn how to develop truly bold ideas that go far beyond any regular idea and what can be done to realize such ideas. That part is the cor in innovative competition or disruption. And finally, equally important, the seminar is about getting those ideas into the ultra highly competitive global markets. You will understand the whole complex of the Innovations Paradigm, why it is called a paradigm  and why it is paramount to get innovation done.

Public Half Day Workshops


  • Innovation strategy
  • How your brain innovates (Neuroscience)
  • Innovation Design Methodologies
  • Innovation To Market
  • Innovations Paradigm
  • Innovation at work


  • Understanding the complete life cycle of innovation
  • Guidance and methods for Innovative Thinking
  • The book “Innovations Paradigm”
  • 5 innovation development canvases
  • A complete program outline to use innovation creation at work

Audience:  Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, Investors, Ecosystem Manager, Government representatives

Format: Seminar

Duration: 2 hours + Q+A

Fees: $195 / person


Nov 21, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 09:00 am
Dec 2, Hanoi, Vietnam, 09:00 am
All times are local times

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