Fundraising Workshop

In the end it is not HOW you pitch but WHAT you pitch.
You learn to build up and present your true story.


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You don’t learn how to make the greatest show – but having the greatest impact and close your round quickly. Investors are smart, sharp, fast – they have been so successful that they can risk investing in startups and loos their entire investment. Be ready to become a peer to them. Learn how to attract, not sell, because they will become a partner for the most critical time of your business life.

The instructor for this workshop closed countless rounds for his four businesses from various angels, VCs and equity crowdfunding – and successfully exited all four.

Next Available Program

The next program will be announced any time soon


* The magic of fundraising – the process
* How to build up your story – pre pitching
* The effects of burning through investors
* How do you actually attract investors
* Being able to select investors – not go begging
* A far more successful way of pitching today
* What it takes to close a round

Program Structure

1) Online Program
To make it possible for almost anybody to participate, we provide this program online. Attendees need to have Internet access and a computer or tablet to participate. You need to be a member to register.

2) English Language
The whole program is in English. Attendees will listen, having dialogs and present in English.

3) Required Tools
For the project work, attendees need Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Project work may need to be presented.

4) Instructors
Instructors are experienced entrepreneurs or authorized instructors trained by experienced entrepreneurs.

5) Certificates
At the end of the program is a test. Attendees who successfully completed the test will receive a certificate of participation.


Requirement Online Local Event Duration Certificate No fees for members Register