Typically, founders fast-growing mid-market or startup companies.

What we are looking for

We are looking for founders with bold ideas, that may change the world for good. While growing small businesses is absolutely great, our organization is focused on growing enterprises that create a lot of jobs and a significant ecosystem around them, including production partners, trading partners, possibly training partners, service partners, technology partners and much more.

How we work

We provide founders the very same guidance, inspiration, motivation, mindset, way of thinking and way of doing business like in Silicon Valley. On top of it we provide innovative thinking methods, connections to world markets, guidance and programs to go international within 24 months after founding. Since catching up is not the goal – only a step in between, we clearly help our founders, creating top level solutions and bringing them to global markets as a market leader – not as a follower. We do not provide any tactical trainings, like coding, sales, marketing, finance etc. But a top level leadership education.

What we consider success

The ultimate and only goal we have is to see the nation we work with turning into a recognized developed country. Success, working with founders is when their innovative businesses grow within the next few years international, become a market or category leader and show significant contributor to their country’s economy.


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