Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Starting from scratch – assume, you’re in Silicon Valley
You learn in 2 days, what our team learned in 20 years in Silicon Valley
$10 to $750


First time entrepreneurs


You learn what our leadership team learn when they arrived in Palo Alto or in recent years in San Francisco – no matter where we came from: Survive and quickly succeed in a matter of a few weeks.

You learn to build a company faster than you can think and be in the market 6 months later. You learn to think differently, set your mind and with that, making the impossible a new reality.

The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is focusing on helping you build an entrepreneurial mindset that became the base for the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet.


$10 – $750 for the full two weeks program

Up to 99% discount with a WIForum stipend
Eligible for stipends are:
* Startups less than 3 years old
* Startups from emerging or developing countries
* Startups from financially difficult backgrounds

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See the Program Schedule on the SF Accelerator website.
The SF Accelerator is a World Innovations Forum organization.


* The entrepreneurial spirit, Silicon Valley style
* Perform a unique entrepreneurship test
* Creating something with nothing – no money
* The magic of true entrepreneurship
* Innovative thinking
* Start to solve a $ billion problem

* Everything you need to learn to start a company
* How you WILL become super successful
   (almost) guaranteed

+ Online follow up sessions to complete the program after an additional two weeks.

Program Details

1) Physical 2 day Kick-Off – plus – 2 week Online Program
The initial 2 day event is in various cities, including San Francisco, Zürich, Ho Chi Minh City or as described in the respective program. This is an intense 2 week training for entrepreneurs in the making. Those two weeks, everybody will work on tasks and share them in an online group. At the end of the program, every entrepreneur will share a company presentation and receive a certificate of participation.

2) English Language
The whole program is in English. Attendees will listen, having dialogs and present in English.

3) Participation Mandatory
Participating in each online session and working on the project work between the sessions is mandatory to complete the program and receive a certificate.

4) Required Tools
For the project work, attendees need at least: high speed internet, Excel and PowerPoint. Project work may need to be presented.

5) Instructors
Instructors are experienced entrepreneurs or authorized instructors trained by experienced entrepreneurs.

6) Certificates
At the end of the program is a test. Attendees who successfully completed the test will receive a certificate of participation.


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