Typically, policy makers, government representatives for the innovation or economic development sector, finance, economy or prime ministers.

What we are looking for

Ensuring that the two key prerequisites for prosperity development, 1) “Foreign Direct Investment” (FDI) as private equity and 2) “Open immigration Policies” (OIP) for foreigner to enter the country and get a work permit and residency is possible. In the past 200 years, those two factors had a significant influence in economic development and prosperity. Even today, the most advanced nations are the top receivers of FDI. Also, today OIPs are the foundation to attract the much-needed experts from anywhere in the world.

How we work

We work in an advisory capacity to government representatives with decision making responsibilities helping with our global experience. There is no specific program other than very individual advisory services either by representing an in-official sparring partner or an official advisor.

What we consider success

The ultimate and only goal is to see the nation we work with turning into a recognized developed country based on the sustainable, self-propelled economy. That was created and designed from the inside.


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