Innovative & Disruptive Thinking — Workshop

Learn to ‘set your mind’ and play with your brain. Get to innovative and disruptive thoughts, ideas, solutions.

Public Workshops

SMEs, fast growing startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, innovative business models and innovative businesses. Billions are invested in more innovation.
The question remains:  How do you actually innovate?

The inaugural workshop series starts Sep 4, 2019 in Silicon Valley

This workshop gives new insights in the way we can play with our brain and stimulate innovative and disruptive thinking. Built on research how the most innovative ideas were created. It provides ways to guide our thinking through a process to get to amazing ideas that can compete with any size business and disrupt an industry. Where to start, and what it takes to make an innovation successful. The author and speaker, Axel Schultze, developed 3 innovative and disruptive businesses, the biggest with $10 Billion in revenue. What was the thinking process – new knowledge unfolded.

An all new approach to ideation

It is relatively easy to say “And now, at this stage, we need to come up with a few ideas and test them out with the customers”. How do you come up with these ideas? What does it mean to sit down, or walk, and think. And how unique and how powerful are these ideas? Is it just another way of doing things or is it a radical new path, nobody else has gone so far? How do you develop radical ideas? How can you get to a radical idea like the concept of Uber, AirBnB, SAP, IBM, Apollo 11, Penicillin… How can you develop an architecture like Frank Lloyd Wright or paint abstract images like Dali?

We found stunning parallels, processes our brain is going through and mechanisms to actually train the brain to perform stunning results – that everybody can do and learn.

Half Day Workshop


  • How the most innovative ideas came about
  • Opportunity identification
  • Act of invention
  • Innovative thinking
  • Observation techniques
  • Idealization techniques
  • Realization techniques
  • From innovation to disruption
  • Collaborative perfection
  • The Innovations Paradigm
  • Innovation value creation
  • Brand new innovation tools: 10+ new canvases


Entrepreneurs, executives, Managers
Investors, ecosystem Manager
Government representatives


$ 125 / person


  • Understanding the complete life cycle of innovation
  • Guidance and methods for Innovative Thinking
  • Creating disruption (technology, services, business models)
  • A complete program outline to use innovation creation at work
  • 10+ innovation development canvases
  • The book “Innovations Paradigm”


Sep 4, San Francisco, CA
Oct 15, Zürich, Switzerland
Nov 5, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Nov 25, Seoul, South Korea
Jan 14, Cannes, France


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