AI Solution Project

Project Description

The purpose of the project is to aggregate as many as possible active users using Artificial Intelligence, organizations providing AI technology, institutions teaching AI and scholars / experts having a deep understanding of AI.

Project Concept

  1. Searching the web for AI related content
    Identifying websites from all over the world that contain AI relevant content and has an about that indicates it is a company that either produces AI relevant products or other products for sale.
  2. Creating data-sets from that content
    Creating data sets with URL, about, company name, product or services identification relevant to the AI research.
  3. Training the system
    The data-sets should be reviewed by selected human reviewer and then provide feedback to the system if the page is relevant and the category (produces or consumes AI) is accurate.
  4. Optimizing the algorithms
    So that the system can grind through the Internet, finding hundreds of thousands of pages and make correct assumptions.
  5. Content extraction
    Extracting selected specific content from the pages including relevant people, location, etc.
    Rating the content for relevancy.
  6. Summary page
    Creating a summary page by selecting the most relevant information, organization name, people, location.
  7. Compiling all resulting pages into a single document
    This document includes also automatically generated statistics like number of companies from each type by country, number of people and so forth.
  8. Output
    After starting the program, the only output of this process shall be a 500 page word document.

The above obviously is just to give an idea. The final concept will be discussed with the most compelling ideas and then creating the solution.

Partner Profile

We are looking for somebody or an organization who is willing to work with us at a lowest possible budget.

Required skill set:

  • Content scraping methodologies to aggregate data sets
  • Content recognition techniques
  • Deep learning / neural network experience
  • Algorithm driven
  • Content preparation techniques

The project can obviously be used by the developer in any way and fully referenced to this project.