Kout19 — Knocking out Covid-19 with speed

By Aug 7, we can reach 4.2 billion Internet users
In 19 weeks the entire population

147,000 died so far – growth to 250,000 is almost inevitable
covid-19 is now one of the deadliest viruses.
Risk group: Lung, heart, immune system, obesity, diabetes, kidney, liver

Please spread the word
Share with all your friends:

“Wear a mask – keep a distance” #kout19
No host – no virus
Tell anybody you know – we will spread faster than the virus
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Reaching 4.5 billion in 19 weeks knocking out #covid_19.
wiforum.org/kout19 #Wiforum

Use Hashtag  #kout19
Please use it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, WhatsApp, messenger – anywhere.

Come back here in a few days for updates and how many people we reached. 


use it on your website, blog etc and link to this page or to the facebook page
wiforum.org/kout19  |  fb.com/kout19  | kout19.com

How we can win

We understand data!  Already in 5 weeks we surpass the number of infections. In 19 weeks there is no more host for the virus to infect.
No host – no virus.

Innovate !

The overarching initiative is “Innovate Fighting Pandemics”. The #kout19 initiative is helping stop the spread and also a way to share success stories,  and how people protect themselves.

Become campaign supporter

We reach out only for key updates and achievements – and only during the campaign.

If you have an account it is automatically populated
If you have an account it is automatically populated
If you have an account it is automatically populated

Campaign Info

We will be ready to launch on Tuesday April 21

Here is how everybody can help:
1) Share the content we provide as good and as wide as possible.

2) Help collect top tips that helps prevent contagion, share it either on our facebook page  or even better in our community (you need an account)

3) Become a Champion and volunteer to be part of the campaign team and help driving the initiative. Please apply here (you need to have an account).

More Campaign info will follow here


We are inviting everybody, wanting to help those who just don’t know enough about virus to share “Wear a mask, don’t touch and stay away” so the virus has no chance to spread and reproduce.

Cafer Tosun
Initiative Leader and
Part of the WIForum Leadership team

Active Support Team

Alyssa King – WIF HQ

Tanja Sopcic – WIF HQ

Marita Schultze – WIF HQ

Axel Schultze – WIF HQ

Karina Mereuta – WIF HQ

Content Collection

Hey “Wear a mask, don’t touch, stay away” #kout9 – I want you to be safe.  Share with 5 friends. that way we reach 4.5 billion people in 19 weeks eradicating #Covid_19  Go to wiforum.org/ko19 for more insights, a global non profit foundation #Wiforum

Spread protection not the virus. Join KnockOut-19 #ko19 – wiforum.org/kout19 – Share with 5 friends 

Over the next few days we compile more content to share and aggregate more great ideas.


Update on supporters and geographies

Number of supporters

April 15 – 7 supporter


Australia, Germany, Switzerland, US

This is the ambitious plan

Week Date needed supporter actual supporter Covid-19 Death
W0 Apr 19 10 10 147,000
W1 Apr 24 300
W2 May 1 1,200
W3 May 8 4,800
W4 May 15 24,000
W5 May 22 120,000
W6 May 29 600,000
W7 Jun 5 3,000,000
W8 Jun 12 12,000,000
W9 Jun 19 36,000,000
W10 Jun 26 97,200,000
W11 Jul 3 236,196,000
W12 Jul 10 516,560,652
W13 Jul 17 1,016,746,331
W14 Jul 24 1,801,135,624
W15 Jul 31 2,871,591,951
W16 Aug 7 4,120,420,584
W17 Aug 14 5,321,117,859
W18 Aug 21 6,184,530,249
W19 Aug 28 6,469,237,080

6.5 Billion people older than 10