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Why do we believe our work is relevant: Since more than 50 years we help less developed countries by donating money. In a large portion of the world, even though donations have been increased, poverty has risen. In many cases due to corruption or bad management or due to the fact that we actually educated societies how to receive donation and failed to educate how they can become autonomous.

We decided to get to the root of all prosperity: innovation & entrepreneurship. Germany’s prosperity is based on ideas from a handful of people who founded Bosch, Daimler Benz, Linde, Siemens, Krupp and a few others. Silicon Valley’s prosperity is based on a hand full of people founding Fairchild, Intel, Oracle, Sun and a few others.

If we can stimulate only 10 entrepreneurs in countries like Albania, Bosnia, Ghana, Nigeria, Nepal, Peru, Vietnam…, work with investors to fund them, work with governments to create the legal and taxation base for them to grow, supporters to provide all the help they need, they can do what just two decades ago happened in countries like Chile, South Korea, Spain and others. Together we can bring ALL countries on eye-side with others. Because we realized in every single country – including the poorest – are a handful of entrepreneurs who could make it – today they all leave their country to work somewhere else. This is why we believe our and your work is more than relevant – it is critical to get out of poverty across the world. More direct donations would only make countries more dependent and the risk of corruption is growing not declining.

Join the World Innovations Forum and support our core objectives :
– Improving education for young entrepreneurs and double startup success rates from today only 10% to 20%
– Providing the understanding for ‘going global’ effort of young entrepreneurs, as a critical aspect for prosperity.
– Attracting and supporting more female entrepreneurs.
– Providing free insights from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and corporates from around the world.
– Motivating more investors to invest in startups
– Helping innovative companies to become more compelling to the next generation of talents.
– Help governments and agile politicians collaborate across borders, building a better world by making better countries  – not better government.
– Even helping developed countries to not loose their momentum. We already see some countries in difficult decline of their economic power and prosperity.

The small group of dedicated supporter, which we call Champions are highly engaged in the areas of:

1) Event organizer (Event Champion)
2) Social media networker (Social Media Champion)
3) Startup Mentor (Mentor Champion)
4) Entrepreneurs network relations (Community Champion)
5) Investor network relations (Investor Champion)
6) Enabler & Government relations (Enabler Champion)
7) Writer / photographer / blogger (Content Champion)
8) Sponsorship developer (Sponsor Champion)
9) Researcher (Research Champion)
10) General administration support (Organization Champion)

If you want to rotate over time, you are very welcome to do so. Just explore this with your ambassador early enough so activities can be planned accordingly.


The world Innovations Forum is a non profit organization, driven by volunteers. We are very grateful for any helping hand in our young organization. We are looking for mover and shaker who help shape the Forum for the very ambitious goals. We help people think big and we do it ourselves.

We are building a sub culture of a Silicon Valley Style mindset, bringing entrepreneurs to top level performance, ready to successfully compete on global markets, no matter where they come from.

Our work will result in self propelled economies, so that every country becomes independent, self sufficient and on eye sight with the other countries.

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Countries we are currently looking for champions in:
Bosnia, Germany, Japan, Macedonia, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, UK, US (California), and Vietnam.

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