Working with highly innovative entrepreneurs, investors and enablers

A way to engage, for everybody

* Students
…who like to do more than just “read & repeat” :)
Learn about a would that needs our support. A world we can even learn from as well. A world humans have been born in – like we have been born into ours.

* Free Spirits
…who are busy to pursue a day job, yet seeing a need and responsibility to help others at least with a tiny bit of time of engagement, care, mindshare.

* Busy Career,
…of course the average manager has no time for anything. Yet some people simple make time! Just a few moments a week, keeping ties with impact oriented and purpose driven engagement. Crafting a personal live style beyond the daily business race. Helping prepare a world that is more balanced than today. Making others successful and prosper is the highest level of management achievement – just now expanded into people that are no direct reports.

* Retirees
…who made it and want to give back. Appreciating the fact you have been lucky in your life and now share the intellectual or even monetary wealth with others. Most very successful – former – entrepreneurs have no idea how helpful they can be in helping young entrepreneurs taking our world to the next level.

Helping is not necessarily looking for a return. However there are benefits you still may enjoy very much:

* The biggest reward most likely, is seeing your own work having an impact on a global scale. Realizing there is no person ‘small’ enough, no person too old or too young, no person to less educated to not have significant impact, is an experience that we don’t see maturing all too often. We are not all equal, but we all have amazing values, worth unfolding.
* You will get deeply connected with the Innovation Space all over the world.
* You will get connected to investors, government representatives and many supporters of the innovation space around the planet.
* You will get a certificate for your volunteership.

Countries we are looking for volunteers:

Developing and emerging countries:
Africa (5) — Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda
South East Asia (6) — Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam

Developed partner countries:
South Korea, Switzerland, USA

Where we need help

You will be able to rotate tasks and learn as much as you like.

PROGRAM VOLUNTEERS (In all countries)
* Mentors
* Instructor / Trainer

* Program Director (each program)
* Program Campaign Specialist
* Social Media Specialist
* Content Specialist (Video, Audia, Text)
* Community Development Specialist

RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS (In all countries)
* Research Project Manager
* Researcher

* Events Director
* Events coordinator
* Outreach coordinator

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