Engaging in the World Innovations Forum Foundation

As a World Innovations Forum Member &  Volunteer, you will be able to actively engage in projects and programs, helping emerging and developing nations reach prosperity.

Members are involved in . . . 

  • Initiatives that help embrace innovation in all countries. Develop ways to not only inspire the act of invention, but more importantly to bring those inventions successfully to market.
  • Programs that research the economic models of going global and help even the poorest countries to bring their inherited qualities forward
  • Working with young entrepreneurs to discuss their challenges, obstacles, capital needs, technological road blocks and so forth to help them become as successful as possible for all of us.
  • Working with investors to share experiences from around the world and help investors get more successful. Only successful investors can reinvest and help the next generation of startups to be successful too. Still today – 2019 – the majority of startup investors around the world are not successful due to lack of strategies, investment understanding or the feel that those investments are just a little donation.
  • Organizing events to share experiences, know how and learn from other experiences and ideas.
  • Helping governments with creating meaningful policies that can stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation and support innovation as an investment into the future
  • Collaborating with Academia on better education models and systems that takes the knowledge explosion on one side into consideration but also the basic human needs to learn about connections, socializing, how to become successful and becoming independent.

We encourage our members to come up with new needs, new challenges and new solutions.

Individual Memberships

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Everybody who is interested in the World Innovations Forum Foundation’s work and like to contribute in any way. Be so kind and do not register as a brand or product.