Companies or initiatives we are connected with

San Francisco Accelerator

The San Francisco Accelerator is a key partner and soon embedded in the World Innovations Forum. It provides the necessary base for entrepreneurs to take their business all the way to the top. Core topics include: Mindset, Vision development, disruptive business models, zero budget go-to-market models, traction & growth hacking and capitalization.

Advanced Entrepreneurship (Book)

Our founder, Axel Schultze is writing his new book about advanced entrepreneurship. It’s not about “how to do a startup successfully”  this book is about what the most amazing entrepreneurs did or do to build a disruptive, global, billion dollar company in nearly no time. It’s about how to create a very compelling vision, creating a disruptive business model, going to market with nearly no marketing budget, driving daily growth like there is no tomorrow, taking the company to global markets and getting all the funding they need to make it happen.

Megashift.AI (Book)

Exploring how our world will evolve with the upcoming technology evolution of Artificial Intelligence. We have an amazing opportunity to replace pretty much any repeatable, dangerous, or physical hard work with more rewarding, more self determined engagement. The book will show the opportunities and risks we will need to deal with. In any case, in the next 30 years, we will learn more about our own intelligence, purpose driven life, consciousness and more than in the past 300,000 years all together.

Blockchain Valley Ventures

Our founder is also an investor and board member in BVV. There he is helping identify amazing startups and bring them to an ICO, IPO or whatever means of capitalization to fulfill their vision.

Infinigate Cyber Security Group

Our founder, also co-founded the company in 1996, stepped down in 2000 to move to Silicon Valley and now sit on its board. We are now going to take the company all the way to the top making it the most relevant cyber security provider in Europe.

Channel Excellence (Book)

First published in 2007, this book is about building an excellent indirect sales force leveraging independent distributors, tens of thousands of retailer, system integrators or brokers. In this 2nd Edition, there are some minor updates, and two important new chapters were: “Channel Economics” and “Zero Margin Distribution”, showing the channel of the future and how Blockchain may play a very significant role.