Innovation Development

Getting more innovative companies go global

Driving prosperity in all nations through innovation and entrepreneurship.

Still today roughly 90% of startups don’t make it. A 10% yield is inacceptable. Lack of experience and entrepreneurship know how are in most cases the reason for failure.

Our mission: Inspiring startup entrepreneurs building successful und innovative businesses from ground up. Helping build teams, useful solutions, getting funding, competing in global markets and contributing to their country’s prosperity.

Once fast growing, many scale up companies are still too weak to to raise the capital they need for a continuous growth over the next 7 or so years. Lack of financial skills, international connections and too much influence from conservative members of the society cause failure.

Our mission: Inspiring ScaleUp entrepreneurs to take their company all the way to the top. Grow fast, identify international markets and getting necessary capital and finally making an IPO.

Small Medium Enterprises are the safety net of most economies. The ingenuity of the founder however is all too often also its obstacle when the founders come into their years. Talent development and self disruption is still a rare feature of SMEs and should be developed.

Our mission: Inspiring SMEs to think differently and think innovation. Building robust teams with top talents that make the company sustainable beyond the lifetime of their founders.

Larger corporations are optimized so that all their tens of thousands of employees work at best utilization. In such an environment disruptive thinking and innovative ideas are counterproductive. Corporate Innovation labs are mostly shaped by the corporate culture. Corporations need to completely separate their innovation initiatives to be able to innovate and disrupt.

Our mission: Inspiring corporate leaders to try disrupting themselves, find ways t make that safely and become a truly innovative company.

Financing Innovation

Funding innovation, let the public participate in the success

Angel Investors
A country that wants to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship needs Angel Investors who help fund those startups. And since not all nations have networks of angels, they can – like many already do – finance the startups through the government. Yet the knowledge from angels apre priceless.

Our mission: Helping build and train angel investor networks so that at least some local investors support the ecosystem. Also we are building an “Innovation Capital Network” that shall allow foreign investors co-invest with local investors

Venture Capital
Fast growing ScaleUp companies or SMEs need more capital to develop a meaningful growth than Angel Investors can afford. This is the point in time when Venture Capital is necessary.

Our mission: Help develop local venture capital initiatives in the respective ecosystems, to help finance the growth of the local businesses

The best exit strategy for VCs and the best way to keep the innovation in the country is an IPO in that country. If IPOs are not really feasible, VCs either don’t invest or force the  companies to move to other countries.

Our mission: Help local stock exchanges to rationalize the importance of small company IPOs not only for the stock exchange and the business owners but for the population to participate in the growth of their innovative businesses, as part of the prosperity development.

Ecosystem Development

Helping build innovation ecosystems

Ideas are free, but it takes a whole ecosystem of supporters and infrastructure to make them successful.

Mentors, who have been successful entrepreneurs are among the top most important supporters for young startup entrepreneurs.

Investors, who made their money as successful business owners are key to startups and scaleups. The so called smart money is helping entrepreneurs not only continue paying their bills but thrive.

In the past 10 years, vibrant coworking spaces, where the exchange between entrepreneurs is the daily normal, have become critical for their success.

Access to top talents as co-founders or later on as employees as well as collaborative research and project work helps innovators and universities to develop further and closer to real needs.

Governments and their policies play a strategic role in the development of innovative startups. This is mostly in developed countries a problem, where policies became so intransparent and complex that talents started to move into other countries

Taxation is another government related topic. Innovation friendly taxation is mostly critical for the investors who take high risks when investing and if it is too complicated taxation is just not attractive they rather invest in foreign companies.

Networks such as entrepreneurs networks, investor networks, business networks, access to corporations,  are a vital part of great innovation ecosystems. It must be easy to connect to virtually any source of information, including legal and tax advice.

Service & Technology provider are yet another support source helping with technical support or all kinds of marketing, engineering, HR and other services.

The national culture is the most prohibitive factor for disruptive business development. In nations where obeyance is a virtue and creativity a must, disruption is almost impossible. In order to overcome such obstacle entrepreneurs can develop their own private subculture.

Our mission: Helping countries, cities, or private initiatives to build the most helpful innovation ecosystem.