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    As entrepreneur/Intrapreneur you get access to other entrepreneurs from around the world. You may participate in business acceleration programs, or training, easily explore world market, and you get a stronger voice in the industry. Your membership helps support this organization that is created for all entrepreneurs.


      As business Angel, VC or PE manager you get access to investors from around the world. This helps you enhance your investment strategy and investment successes. The network also maybe a powerful instrument when you looking into attractive international businesses to co-invest.


        Enabler such as mentors, co-working spaces, accelerators, government representatives get a unique perspective on the global innovation and startup market. Comparing notes with peers from around the world was never easier. And obviously access to new startups is a given in this environment.


          Startups are the most powerful businesses to propel an economy and prosperity for their society, That society should provide all the help possible to ensure the success. Spreading the word, making introductions, helping with events or whatever help can be given is very much appreciated.


            If you are interested in speaking at any of our national or global events, you should join us.  Events are physical in one of the cities we run local events or online where we provide seminars, training and know how transfer as good as possible,


              An organization like ours always welcomes sponsors who help us, help others. Most people engaging in the World innovations Forum are volunteers, yet we need some financial support to run the organization and possibly invest in one or the other country.


                We appoint one or two maybe three ambassadors in each country. If your country is not represented, feel free to apply or make a recommendation. Ambassadors are also volunteers who support our vision.


                  You may have additional ideas to support us and the idea, and we have no “box” for. We love out of the box thinking and are open for any idea and initiative.

                  Member Distribution


                  Member Structure

                  • Entrepreneurs

                    Startup entrepreneurs and corporate innovation labs entrepreneurs are the core member group of the World Innovations Forum. The focus is on sustainable product companies that have an opportunity to sell possibly world wide.

                  • Investors

                    Business Angels, VCs and Private Equity investors, who invest in innovative companies / teams. World Innovations Forum requires investors to not only invest money but time to support the businesses (smart money).

                  • Enabler

                    Mentors, advisers, representatives from co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, academia, and governments, are all considered enablers, by helping entrepreneurs be successful. They are instrumental to the success of startups.

                  • Supporter

                    Supporters are all the people who support innovative businesses in gaining visibility and market awareness by spreading the word for them, making introductions or simply a helping hand in any way or shape.