Deep Innovation Design School

Innovation strategy, innovative thinking and bringing it successfully to market

Startups and corporate innovation labs are in a race for more innovation, innovative solutions, innovative business models and innovative businesses – and most importantly – innovative talents.

The question remains:

The big difference:

Our founders, founded four highly successful companies, holding patents won awards and grew companies from zero to exit nad from local to global – all with innovative solutions and disruptive business models. Four years ago they started a research project to find out how our brain creates and processes ideas. By working with fellow entrepreneurs on one side and neuroscientists on the other side lead to the discovery of entirely new methods and technology. The results are truly stunning.

A 6-week program

Currently all six weeks are online.

2 day Deep Innovation Design Bootcamp
– All ideas start in our mind – but how does it work
– How the mind creates and processes ideas, thousands per day
– The difference between simple ideas, random ideas and strategically formed ideas
– A bit of a mind training
– Experience creation and awareness
– Innovation opportunity discovery
– Extreme Innovation Design process (ground breaking ideas)
– How we can repeatedly stimulate ground breaking ideas
– Innovation strategy development

WEEK 2/3
– Innovation Opportunity discovery
– Discovering hidden opportunities
– Market observation, behaviors and activities

– Deep Innovation Design Process
– Releasing ground breaking ideas from our own experience world
– Innovation design workgroup assembly
– Controlled and managed idea creation process
– Innovation chain development

– Idea validation methods
– Idea shaping processes
– Realization partner development
– Idea solidification
– Innovation journey and plan development

– Compiling all aspects of this newly developed, highly innovative solution
– Innovation realization, finance and go-to-market models


  • How we all actually create ideas
  • How to enhance our ability to innovate
  • Innovative thinking
  • Innovation Team Assembly
  • Innovation Design Methodologies
  • Innovation To Market
  • Innovations Paradigm


  • Understanding the complete life cycle of innovation
  • Guidance and methods for Innovative Thinking
  • The book “Innovations Paradigm”
  • 5 innovation development canvases

Audience:  Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, Investors, Ecosystem Manager, Government representatives

Format: Live Training  (online or physical)

Duration: 4 weeks (online)

$850 / person (emerging countries)
If additional stipends are needed, give us a call
$8,500 / person (developed countries)
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