Innovations Paradigm Company Workshops

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From introduction to deep dive in innovative thinking

These workshops are dedicated to SMEs and corporations with an interest in taking their innovation engagement to the next level.  The programs give rare insights in the inner workings of the most innovative businesses, and how they compete with any size competitor. Attendees learn that engineering, inventions and patents are the smallest part of the global innovation competition.

The question we are answering:  How do you innovate and disrupt?

Innovation paradigm Workshop

Innovations have been identified as the most
critical contributor to a country’s prosperity.
Unlike natural resources, which are not
available for ever and tourism which is
depending on trends, Innovations are
abundant, until we have a perfect universe.


  • Understanding the complete innovation lifecycle
  • Developing a long term innovation strategy
  • Guidance and methods for innovative thinking
  • Taking it from innovation to disruption
  • Innovation realization
  • Innovation to market methods
  • Ability to develop an innovation value
  • Forming an innovative corporate ecosystem

Audience: Innovation Management, R&D executives
Format: Workshop
Duration: 5 days
Fees: Starts at $10,000/day + travel and accommodation

Enterprise Innovation Strategy

An innovative model to find ways out of the enterprise innovation oxymoron: keeping tens of thousands on a much needed utilization rate and being innovative at the same time.  Leveraging the “Innovative Thinking Model” to identify innovative ways for global enterprises to innovate beyond today’s imaginable possibilities. This workshop is designed for a collaborative engagement with C-Level and Board Member.


  • Introduction to the Innovation Paradigm
  • Developing a long term innovation strategy
  • Innovative Thinking on the top level
  • Creating an innovative way to innovate across an enterprise

Audience: Top executives  (C-Level + Board)
Format: Workshop
Duration: 1 day
Fees: Starts at $15,000/day + travel and accommodation

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