United Nations Goals – and – World Innovations Forum

Generally speaking, the vast majority of help from the outside in the past 50 years has failed. Our experience, working with entrepreneurs from around the world had seeded the idea in our minds that inspiring more entrepreneurs and local talents to develop a self propelled economy inside a country may be the best way to help a country out of poverty and actually make it a independent country. Entrepreneurship is certainly not a universal cure to solve all problems in the world but a strategic key to alleviate several of the world’s biggest challenges.

1) No Poverty
Instead of try to help everybody out of poverty, we trust that we need to create a chain reaction, where a few entrepreneurs create the foundation of an inner country economy that inspires others to piggy back on and create jobs in  a chain reaction of building businesses that will employ more people and get the remaining people out of poverty.
2) Zero hunger
Hunger is a function of poverty. If we can get people out of poverty, they would no longer need to be hungry. Entrepreneurship and a self propelled economy makes countries independent and can decide for themselves the kind of lifestyle they want to live. Taxation and country internal help organizations should be able to ensure a self sufficient support system.
3) Good health and wellbeing
Also good health and wellbeing is very closely related to poverty.  However it is also closely connected to the work environment the people live in. The broadly embraced entrepreneurship creates a level of wellbeing to the entrepreneurs and the relative small teams they work with. In the new environment not only the funds can created for better health care but the people will be more motivated and therefor having a much higher level of wellbeing.
4) Quality Education
We have a global request, even for the most developed countries: Completely overhauling the existing education systems.
1) Reducing the amount of factual and purely scientific education such as writing, reading, math, languages, history, biology, physics, chemistry etc. and leave the deep dive to later education stages.
2) Providing students with a better understanding of the implications each individual has on its society, providing a bit more political education, education how to become wealthy and how and why to run autonomous businesses.
3) Engaging the population in a life long learning paradigm. Our knowledge no longer doubles every 25 years like in 1945 but every 24 hours today. The population needs to get acquainted to learn new things at least every 5 years, to not fall through the knowledge grid.
5) Gender Equality
We believe we don’t need to address that topic as it is a none issue in entrepreneurship circles. There are no known challenges female entrepreneurs are facing that is based on discrimination.
6) Clean Water and Sanitation
A country with a vibrant entrepreneurs community can influence the development to clean water and sanitation more than any external “education” how the respective society should live and think. In addition creative entrepreneurs may develop much smarter and less expensive solutions from within a society having the problem than solutions provided from the outside with no deep understanding of the respective culture.
7) Affordable and clean energy
A country with a vibrant entrepreneurs community can influence the development of affordable and clean energy very well from within. Again we bet on self development rather external influence.
8) Decent work and economic growth
A country with a vibrant entrepreneurs community is the best starting point for sustainable creation of jobs and work for many. Economic growth is a logic result of well educated and well trained entrepreneurs as long as they speak English and are able to create business connections into other countries. Our “going global effort” is an intense engagement to help propel and grow a local economy.
9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure
While we help young entrepreneurs as well as existing companies to become more innovative in their doing we also provide advice in developing the much needed infrastructure to become more successful. This includes not only the technical infrastructure but very strategic aspects such es developing English language skills, and creating a culture that has a high level of acceptance for an open, innovative and disruptive business mindset. The enormous conflict between maintaining traditions and disrupting business is opposing each other in a way that many countries fail to catch up.
10) Reduced inequalities
We can at least contribute in a tiny way here too as we are embracing an open minded, multi cultural, multi color, multi gender and multi religion business community. As a result new ideas coming out of modern businesses will build a role model for others. Also here our thinking is based on from the inside out renewal of culture and social engagement.
11) Sustainable cities and communities
A country with a vibrant entrepreneurs community will influence the development of sustainability in all aspects of a society as the young entrepreneurs are the victims of not taking care of it in the past. In addition the highly networked, yet independent smaller businesses will create a healthy counter force to the urbanization megatrend. Already between 2050 and 2075 we see urbanization decreasing and a new trend back to countryside living.
12) Responsible consumption and production
A country that has created a self propelled economy and a higher degree of independence from the outside will most likely and automatically collaborate with other countries to keep consumption in sustainable levels and with it the respective production.
13) Climate Actions
At least through climate relevant innovation and inventions, the self propelled economies and their entrepreneurs can contribute to climat relevant and climate change aware solutions.
14) Life below water
We are inspiring entrepreneurs to build sustainable, society relevant and nature respecting solutions. The next generation entrepreneurs have a much grander change to better care about sea life due to the fact that they have no old production and procedures to maintain.
15) Life on land
We are inspiring entrepreneurs to build sustainable, society relevant and nature respecting solutions. The next generation entrepreneurs have a much grander change to better care about nature due to the fact that they have no old production and procedures to maintain. (see above)
16) Place, Justice and strong institutions
The WIForum is determined to work with governments to help better understand the correlation between corruption and inadequate legislation, and the low level of wealth, respect and influence a weak political structure can achieve. Entrepreneurship and a health self propelled economy requires a new mindset in no matter what form of political leadership.
17) Partnerships for the goals
We see us a partner in spirit with the 16 goals. We live these goals not because they were brought to life by the United Nation but because our own vision, believes and engagement are greatly matching. We are neither an official partner nor are we in any way or shape associated with the UN.