What makes a truly successful entrepreneur?

Here are the 10 most relevant founders traits, I observed by working with some of the top CEOs and over 1,000 startups.  Each of the traits are not ‘sort of having a little bit of that too’ – instead are especially standing out as extremely developed trait. If any one is missing or weak – it seriously weakens the entrepreneurial profile. You may also notice an important interconnection between these traits – again missing one cripples the complete concept.

1) fearless
Absolutely does not fear anybody or anything. There is no higher up person for an entrepreneur. There is no rule that is respected and no definition that is taken just as that.

2) creative / compositive
The ability to be creativity means finding a gazillion bits and pieces in your brain and composing it in no time to a new picture. Creativity requires maximum inputs, from travel, discussions, reading… Being compositive is the ability to very quickly identify opportunities and turning them into business cases or even innovation. They experiment fearless no matter what the outcome maybe. (See 1 Fearless)

3) determined
Determination is a mindset. Doing anything, whatever it takes to make something happen. No irritation from others, no distraction, no uncertainty. (See 2 creative / compositive)

4) curious/open
Wide open mind. Wanting to really know in detail how things work, how people do things, how we live, what the barriers are, where the limits maybe if any. Listening to others very carefully, without constructing an argument half way through. (see 1 fearless)

5) independent
There is nothing and nobody that prevents the entrepreneur do their things. No friend, no family, no lack of money, no rules, no legislation can get into their way. Societal rules, conformism and alike fences are respected but do not apply to entrepreneurs. (See 1 fearless, 3 determined)

6) confident
Once an idea is manifested, true entrepreneurs have no doubt that it will work. They just know it will. The extraordinary confidence comes from a ‘brain defect’ that spills emotional knowledge from the right brain half into the brain without consulting the rational part of the brain. (See 1 fearless, 3 determined, 5 independent)

7) connected
True entrepreneurs are always highly connected. Connected with their market, connected with the player, connected with customers or targeted customer, connected with investors, influencers, industry associations and so forth. Entrepreneurs have no issues to connect to anybody. (See 1 fearless, 4 curious, 6) confident)

8) communicative
Communication is the most important skill humans developed. It’s our way to communicate with words, text, pictures that set us apart from any living being. Some animals also developed complex communication schemas, yet no animal can tell another that their great grand father experienced this or that. And they cannot create scenarios that actually do not exist. True entrepreneurs are masters in communication with others, drawing an imaginary world that they are seeing in the future and attract others. At the same time they can sit and truly listen for an hour and construct the situation they hear into a solution and opportunity (see 1 fearless, 2 compositive, 4 curious, 7 connected)

9) involving
Entrepreneurs are very involving. Involving their team, their market, their investors to actively participate in their undertaking. Entrepreneurial involvement of others go way past the concept of delegation but truly inspire others. (See 2 creative, 3 determined, 6 confident, 8 communicative)

10) intelligent
While we may debate what intelligence is, here is our definition: “Intelligence is the ability to comprehend a never before experienced situation, abstract the essence and developing a solution by simply thinking through as many as reasonable options”. In that sense, true entrepreneurs are intelligent and involve others to solve the problem. (See 1 fearless, 2 creative, 3 determined, 4 curious, 8 communicative, 9 involving)

It sounds like a very demanding profile – it is. And only 0.007% of humans are actually successful entrepreneurs.

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