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You fear nothing and nobody
You are curious and want to know everything
You are very determined when you want to get something to work
You are a great story teller, people listen to you
You usually involve others, take them to events, sports and so forth
You consider yourself smart / intelligent
You have a big network of connections
If you cheat here and there, no problem. You don't cheat us - you would cheat yourself :)
Not reallyIt dependsNeutralAgreeStrongly Agree
Developer, creator, builder
Sales and marketing
Finance, operations, organizer
Would you prefer working mostly with friends?
Would you choose a top expert over a friend
Would you invest everything you have plus money from friends and family to start your business?
Would you start with no money at all?
There is no right or wrong it only indicates your mindset.
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  • You know that being an entrepreneur is not a job but a passion
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